The Agriculture department of Medine Group, which is historically linked to the sugarcane, now includes several sectors of activity ranging from sugarcane production to the cultivation of plants, fruits and vegetables.

With nearly 38% of its land used for the cultivation of sugarcane, Medine's Agriculture department plays an essential role in the development and protection of Medine’s land. An area spanning over 3,495 hectares is allocated to sugarcane and 168 hectares to fruits and vegetables, with an average production of 32,000 tonnes and 1,500 tonnes respectively.

Key figures

Since 1911

Year operating

26, 380 TN


3, 000 TN

Fruits & vegetables

10, 500

Deer heads

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Jardins de Medine

Since the launch of the “Jardins de Medine” brand in September 2012, it has been very popular amongst the consumers. In addition to the flagship products such as onions, carrots, tomatoes (“pommes d’amour”), lettuce, potatoes and turban squash (“giraumon”), the “Jardins de Medine” extended their product range in 2015 with butternut squash, baby potatoes, garlic, ginger, baby carrots and sliced squash. The “ready to eat” segment introduced in 2016 includes lettuces, washed and wrung dry, grated carrots, rocket, cherry tomatoes and finally a combination of lettuce, rocket and cherry tomatoes. As for fruits offered by “Jardins de Medine”, bananas are regularly found on supermarket shelves and, depending on the season, mango, papaya, jujube, grenadine and lychees.

In 2020, as part of the national effort to overcome the world health crisis caused by the COVID-19, les Jardins de Medine launched an easy-to-use online platform to allow Mauritians order fresh fruits and vegetables and get them delivered on their doorsteps.

A comprehensive set of sanitary measures is implemented throughout the production line as well as at the agricultural diversification hangar. The latter has been certified HACCP since 2011; this standard provides food safety assurance through very strict hygiene measures and controls.



Managing Director | Agriculture


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Agrinnovation Manager

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Technical Manager

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Agricane Manager