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Since 1911, Medine has helped shape the growth of western Mauritius and the nation as a whole. We’ve evolved from being a sugar producer to having a diversified portfolio of Agriculture, Education, Leisure, and Property businesses.

We’ve always known how to embrace innovation and change. And with our commitment to sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, we aim to be a dynamic force for good. Discover how we Create Positive for our group, community, and country.

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Empowering Vulnerable Communities

FMH is dedicated to empowering the local community by providing tools for long-term positive change. Our initiatives include literacy and numeracy programmes, life skills training, help finding stable employment, and community garden projects to address food insecurity and enhance nutrition. Our aim is to help community members create sustainable pathways to a better future.

Improving the Welfare of Children and Young People

Children and young people are the future. Their physical, emotional, and social wellbeing and development is a major priority for FMH. The foundation runs literacy and numeracy programmes for children with learning difficulties, while the Medine Scholarship Scheme provides financial support to children of Medine employees. In partnership with local NGOs, we fund nursery and pre-primary facilities, subsidise school meals and fees, offer music classes to nurture creativity, and provide emotional support, counseling, and career guidance to older children. Our goal is to lay a strong foundation for their future growth and success.
Capacity-building for partner NGOs
FMH aims to help our partner NGOs professionalise and build up their capacity to improve their impact. Working closely with our partners and other stakeholders, we aim to provide appropriate tools and resources – helping them with reporting and accessing external funding for instance. Drawing on Medine’s expertise, FMH also offers training in IT literacy, basic finance, communication, marketing, and human resource management.

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FMH’s ambition is to work with other regional partners and create projects that make an impact across The West. Interested in working with us, or want to know more? We’d love to hear from you.