Corporate Governance

At Medine, we are committed to robust corporate governance. Under the leadership of our Board of Directors and its Committees, we consistently enhance our governance framework, ensuring that it remains flexible yet rigorous, and attuned to our businesses’ needs. 

By rapidly adapting to a changing risk and regulatory environment, and drawing upon the expertise of our dedicated teams, our governance model encourages innovation and supports Medine’s long-term growth.

Board and Board Committees


The Board’s main role is to maintain a high standard of governance to preserve and enhance shareholders’ value. It sets the overarching strategy for our Group, oversees executive management, and ensures that robust corporate governance policies and practices are in place within the Group. The Board acts in good faith, and in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders with diligence and due care. It is responsible for steering the Company and ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. The Board Charter is subject to review as and when required.

Executive Committee

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Audit and Risk Committee

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Corporate Governance Committee

Find out more about the Corporate Governance Committee and the role it plays at Medine.

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