At Medine, we’re firm believers in the transformative power of education. Our offer ranges from nursery to university and beyond.
At Medine, we believe that education has the power to transform lives. Through Uniciti International Education Hub, we provide a comprehensive education ecosystem ranging from nursery to higher and executive education.
By preparing students to be future leaders and equipping them with the right knowledge and skills and promoting innovation and research, we create positive change for the entire Indian Ocean and African region.
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Our offer ranges from pre-primary to primary and secondary schools, with L’Ile aux Enfants offering a Montessori approach from nursery to pre-primary. Westcoast International Primary School and Westcoast International Secondary School provide primary and secondary education in an English-medium, with low student-to-teacher ratios.

Higher Education

Our international campuses are home to renowned higher education institutions in fields including architecture, law, business, IT, and hospitality. We welcome over 2,500 students from 48 different countries. We also offer student housing, university dining, and sports and recreation – creating a great student experience and a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Executive Education

Through Executive Education, we aim to equip working professionals with a comprehensive range of professional development opportunities. We partner with world-class organizations to provide tailored learning experiences to individuals and organisations, with a focus on:

  • Corporate Learning: Industry-specific short courses.
  • Coaching Services: Supporting individual talent development.
  • Consulting Services: Helping organisations scale new opportunities in various fields.