Sustainability at Medine

Medine is deeply committed to the sustainable and inclusive development of The West of Mauritius. As a major employer and landowner, we recognise our role in shaping the long-term wellbeing prosperity of our community, region, and country.
Medine’s vision is to create a positive impact – and lasting value – for all of our stakeholders, from investors to customers, team members and regulators. Our commitment to sustainability therefore aligns seamlessly with our business strategy. Find out more about our work in this area below.


At Medine, we’re aware of the impact of climate change and the need to adopt environmentally responsible practices. As pioneers of sustainable agricultural practices in Mauritius, we’ve also invested in smart technology to minimise our operations’ environmental impact. We manage resources such as water and electricity through conscientious design and management across our business units, and contribute to Mauritius’ energy transition targets through our investments in renewables. We’re also committed to conservation, as evidenced by our work with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation at Mondrain Reserve and Casela’s conservation and breeding programmes for endangered species.
As a major employer with ‘human’ as a core value, Medine is dedicated to creating positive outcomes for stakeholders— including employees, customers, and the community. We prioritise health and safety, diversity and inclusion, and engagement and wellbeing through initiatives such as an Employee Assistance Scheme, on-site medical services, sports events, and a Wellbeing committee. Regular skills audits shape personalised training, while a transparent performance system ensures merit-based compensation and fosters a dynamic workplace that reflects Medine’s commitment to its people. Fondation Medine Horizons also works to improve outcomes for the community and promote local employment.
Medine believes that good governance promotes transparency, ethical corporate behaviour, accountability, and compliance at every level within our group. Our governance arrangements allow us to build trust-based relationships with our stakeholders. As a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and a public interest entity, we uphold high standards of transparency, ethics, accountability, and compliance.

Sustainability News from Medine

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December 4, 2023
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December 4, 2023

Fondation Medine Horizons

Fondation Medine Horizons (FMH) aims to drive positive change and inclusive development in The West of Mauritius. Since it was founded in 2006, FMH has been leading initiatives to empower and enhance the quality of life of vulnerable communities in the area.