With our smart and sustainable property solutions, we shape spaces where people thrive.

At Medine Property, we’re dedicated to the sustainable development of the West of Mauritius, benefiting everyone in the region. Since 2007, we’ve managed a diverse portfolio of high-value, strategically located properties, including retail, offices, education, and hospitality assets.

We specialise in masterplanning, development, investment, asset management, and property management, all in alignment with the Group’s 2005 masterplan. Explore our commitment to creating vibrant, sustainable spaces for work, life, and leisure.


We offer residential developments, built units, commercial plots, and partnerships with third-party developers. Our masterplan aims to create an integrated ecosystem in our smart city and beyond. With an approach that is centred on sustainability and inclusivity, we develop products for a wide range of markets and needs.

Asset, Property, and Facilities
We go beyond property management to enhance the experience of our tenants and users: our diversified, high value real estate portfolio is located in one of Mauritius’ most sought-after regions. Our asset management expertise helps us optimise the financial performance of our real estate portfolio and capitalise on new opportunities.

Medine is committed to sustainable development in The West and contributing to national energy transition targets. We’ve partnered with Akuo Energy to operate a 17.5 MW photovoltaic farm, meeting the energy needs of 12,115 Mauritian households while reducing CO2 emissions by 21,516 tonnes annually.

The West

The West reflects Medine’s desire to help the region flourish. As a regional brand, it unites stakeholders in pursuit of shared goals: promoting inclusive, sustainable development in Western Mauritius, highlighting its unique attractions, and enhancing the well-being of those who live, work and visit it.