From sugarcane to fruit and vegetables, chips and herbs – discover how we create positive, sustainable futures in Agriculture.

We’ve always been innovators at Medine, and Agriculture is where it all began. With over 100 years of history and expertise in sugarcane growing, we’re a leader in the Mauritian sugar industry. We’re also a major producer of high-quality fruit, vegetables and deer meat for the local market.

We remain committed to sustainable, ethical farming practices that yield high-quality products while preserving the environment. Our innovations and investments create positive changes in the sugar industry and strengthen Mauritius’ food security.

By the numbers
Since 11
A leading sugar producer
Sugarcane (grower's share)
Fruits & vegetables
Mauritius' largest venison producer

At Medine, our century-old legacy in sugarcane production drives our commitment to innovation and smart farming. In the past ten years, we’ve transformed our operations with investments in cutting-edge technology and sustainable techniques. The result? Reduced costs, greater efficiency, and better output and profitability.

Fruits &

We create positive outcomes by producing safe, high-quality food that adheres to HACCP food safety standards. We contribute to Mauritius’ food security and constantly seek to innovate and expand on our offering. We produce staples such as potatoes, onion and carrot as well as “ready to eat” products, seasonal fruit, and a range of dried herbs, chips and snacks.

Deer Farming

Medine operates Mauritius’ largest deer farm, helping meet local demand for protein. Our focus on responsible farming practices means our animals are fed a 100% organic diet, making for high-quality venison. This a testament to our focus on quality and environmental responsibility.

Landscaping &

Since 2005, our landscaping and plant nursery have helped keep the West Coast verdant and sustainable. Our nine-hectare garden centre and nursery is home to 135,00 plants – 600 varieties in total – for use in development projects. We also offer a wide range of cultivated plant varieties for sale, from aromatics to indoor plants and even orchids!


At Medine, we aim to work in ways that create positive outcomes for our community, our region and our country.

Our People

We believe that every day at work should be an opportunity to innovate, collaborate, and make a real difference. Discover what it’s like to work at Medine.