The Uniciti team was present in Johannesburg, South Africa last 20 and 21 September for the Africa Property Investment Summit & Expo 2018 (API Summit). This event, which is Africa’s largest and premier real estate conference, connected the most influential local and international African property stakeholders.

This year’s API Summit launched the Mauritius Forum, a dedicated platform for the smart cities of Mauritius to share their experiences, challenges and insights in terms of development, and their continued efforts in translating the real estate investment opportunities of Mauritius.

The Uniciti team tapped into this platform to showcase its smart city and feature all the projects which have already materialised and those which will be deployed in the medium and long term. The API summit provided an appropriate décor to exchange with investors, property developers and professionals as well as city planners and property-related stakeholders.

Doing business in Mauritius and within the Smart City Scheme surely presents investment opportunities for developers in the world, leveraging on its fiscal advantages and business-friendly environment amongst other competitive edges with regards to many countries of the world.

Olivier Desvaux de Marigny, Business Developer for Uniciti argues that, “In comparison to other smart city projects, a Mauritian smart city is a privately funded new project and not a redevelopment of an existing city or neighbourhood.”

Uniciti, an integrated and sustainable smart city of Medine Group, sits on 350 hectares and is particularly geared towards Higher Education. Officially launched in September 2017, Uniciti promotes the concept of Live, Work, Enjoy & Learn and is designed to combine the key components of a quality city life, which will ensure overall economic, social and environmental sustainability through achieving a delicate balance between residential, business, commercial, educational, healthcare, sports and recreational uses.

Olivier Desvaux de Marigny further stressed that, “The GDP per capita is lower in Mauritius compared to other markets around the world where developments of a similar scope are happening. Therefore, the development of the smart cities needs to adapt to the purchasing power of its potential citizens. The guidelines and requirements promote a better urban planning, which will bring an orderly organisation in cities, which until now were being developed without proper master planning”.

Uniciti has achieved a series of developments, which have today become landmarks of the west, such as the Uniciti Office Park, Uniciti Education Hub, SPARC and Cascavelle Shopping Village. And in the coming years, more projects will gradually fuel the city’s growth!

For more details, visit the API Summit website


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