Representatives of Uniciti Education Hub and of Fondation Medine Horizons (FMH) joined forces by participating to the distribution of food packs to 10 families living in the village of La Valette, Bambous. These families living in difficult situations are beneficiaries of the NGO Quartier de Lumière which operates the “La Ruche” center located in the heart of the village of La Valette. The foodpacks will certainly contribute to helping them meet their basic needs as each food pack contained products such as rice, sugar, salt, pasta, various canned foods, oil, milk and tea.

The distribution process took place at the “La Ruche” center in the presence of the Student Life Resident Manager, Roumaan Issemdar and Tenanye Noruwana, student at Middlesex University; Jonathan Arsène and Jean Will Smith from Medine Horizons Foundation ; Lindsay Cibèle, the responsible person of “La Ruche” center and a representative member of five of the ten beneficiary families, in order to comply with the health standards prescribed by the authorities. During this exercise, which took place in an atmosphere of fine camaraderie, barrier gestures and of course, the compulsory wearing of a mask were strictly applied.

This action also saw the contribution of the NGO Lumière d’Espérance from Beau-Bassin, which mainly supports the families of Barkly and Chebel. The latter generously donated several consumer items to complete the food packs distributed to the families of La Valette.

The Fondation Medine Horizons was set up in 2006 by Medine, following the recommendations of its Master Plan 2005-2025, and aims at supporting the social growth of the communities living within the group’s catchment area, which extends from Chebel to Yemen including Henrietta and suburbs of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill.

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