For the third time, the pupils and students of Uniciti Education Hub combined their efforts to beautify the wall of a school in the region of Bambous as part of their commitment to education and environment.

This time around, thanks to the collaboration between Uniciti Education Hub and Fondation Medine Horizons, with the financial support of Uniciti, it was the primary school of New Bambous Govt. School (GS) that benefited from this initiative.

The New Bambous GS also contributed to this activity by organising a drawing contest among its pupils during the month of March on the theme of environmental preservation. At the end of the competition, three drawings were chosen to be part of the global paintwork prepared by the students of Uniciti Education Hub. The school also prepared and cleaned the wall for painting.

On March 29, some forty students from Form III of West Coast International Secondary School took turns in two groups, to paint the basic white layers required for the future paintwork. On Saturday, March 30, another forty students of Uniciti Education Hub, with the help of the pupils from New Bambous GS, drew the famous fresco.

This initiative has once again proven to be a successful exercise that brought together several stakeholders in the restoration of a faded wall that now embellishes the city. As a reminder, in June 2018, a similar initiative was undertaken at Bambous ‘A’ primary school. Through this artistic and emblematic paintwork, the Medine Group also wants to raise awareness about the preservation of the environment.


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