On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the country, the Medine Group is highlighting the colours of the national flag across its flagship sites showcasing its core activities.

Our Education sector is represented by a statue of a schoolgirl proudly brandishing the Mauritian quadricolored flag on Pierrefonds roundabout at the entrance of Medine’s lands. Conceptualised by the creative teams of Casela World of Adventures, under the artistic supervision of Armand Gachet, Creative Director at Casela, the girl on the march towards Uniciti, symbolises the group’s vision that the future of Mauritius relies primarily on Education.

To represent our Agricultural activities, an old mill located in the Garden Centre of Medine next to the Commercial Centre of Cascavelle has been entirely wrapped in a giant Mauritian flag; the mill embodies our heritage, which, like agriculture, must be preserved.

Real estate is represented by the Cascavelle Shopping Mall whose signage also displays the colours of our national flag. The shopping centre also organised, last weekend, a national market to discover « les métiers d’antan » and local foods, in the presence of many Mauritian craftsmen.

Finally on the leisure side, the entrances of Tamarina and Casela also proudly display the colours of our national flag. To mark this celebration, Casela offers to all Mauritians a 50% discount on the entry ticket to the park from the 9th to 30th March.

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Terre des possibles

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