The Fondation Medine Horizons (FMH) has been set up in 2006 by Medine Group, following the recommendations of its Master Plan 2005-2025, and aims at supporting the social growth of the communities living within the company’s catchment area, which extends from Chebel to Yemen including Henrietta and suburbs of Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill. Target audiences include vulnerable groups, the community at large and Medine Employees, and the Fondation Medine Horizons partners with the government as well as with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to bring its various projects to fruition.

Three priority areas, namely Education, Social Housing and Environment have been earmarked for the development of the community and the FMH works in collaboration with the different clusters and other Business Units for the sharing of expertise in various fields. The Foundation also extends its support to initiatives brought forward by the Medine Volunteers (employees who engage themselves with the community on a voluntary basis) and scholarships in favour of the children of employees who show keen interest in their studies.

For more information, come and meet us at our new headquarters in Bambous or call us on

T: +230 452 4910


Medine Group strongly believes that sustainable development is inclusive and relies on collaborative forces.


We sustainably develop the heritage of the west coast of Mauritius to help the Mauritian society grow by implementing and supporting actions based on effective strategies.


Trust – Inclusion – Collaboration – Innovation

Sectors of Activities

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Sports and Arts

  • Social Housing

  • Other Projects


FMH believes that Education plays a key role in reducing poverty and it is vital to step up efforts to give underprivileged people a better chance for a decent and fulfilling life. By supporting NGOs in the field of education and by sharing our expertise to train the beneficiaries in different areas (agriculture, communication, human resources, etc.), we help develop the skills the people need to improve their livelihoods, to generate productivity gains that can fuel economic growth. Five NGOs in the educational sector are being supported by the FMH during this financial year:

  • Ecole Familiale de l’Ouest (Bambous) - Alternative education for students who are outside the local mainstream educational system. The programme includes work placement in private companies to develop employability as well as entrepreneurial activities such as agriculture and poultry.
  • Centre d’Amité (Camp La Pailles, Bambous) – A pre-primary school annexed to a nursery catering for vulnerable groups of the region.
    Quartier de Lumière (La Valette, Bambous) – Centre “La Ruche” at La Valette, an educational project for children of the vicinity for their physical, emotional, social, linguistic and intellectual development setting them on a path of lifelong achievement.
  • Institut Cardinal Jean Margéot – Les Amis de Zippy, the programme for the social and emotional wellbeing of Std II students. They learn how to cope with everyday difficulties, to identify and talk about their feelings and to explore ways of dealing with them.



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