Penny Blue Mauritian Rum innovates yet again and launches the Penny Blue Pure Cane; a white rum born from the creativity and savoir-fair of Master Distiller Jean-François Kœnig and his team. The newborn, which already enjoys a great pedigree, is somehow different and distinguish itself in several ways: it is a white rum obtained from pure sugar-cane juice that brings in a smooth touch. The Penny Blue Pure Cane stands away from other local products thanks to its unique method of production that blends a distillation obtained from a column still, which brings freshness and lightness, with a pot still, for the taste and a flavourful experience. The outcome of this process is a sweet and smooth, well balance rum with fruity, sugar cane notes, ideal for cocktails.

The Penny Blue Pure Cane is THE remarkable buy at the start of the festivities. Much more attractive in terms of pricing as compared to its other siblings, it nevertheless remains a premium rum that is elegant that upholds the Penny Blue signature. What it brings about? An exceptionally flexible product that is acclaimed by bartenders since it is ideal for cocktails.

100% local, from the raw materials used to the method of production, this white rum made from pure cane juice, is a great craft. The Penny Blue Pure Cane is different from its Caribbean counterpart and possesses its own style that is innovative and very Mauritian.

Jean-François Kœnig, Master Distiller and General Manager of Medine Distillery underlines the following: “We have worked for several years on this rum, with the idea of coming forward with a 100% Mauritian product that is made from pure sugar cane juice that is also innovative in its approach. Just like the Caribbean countries have their rum made from pure cane juice, we believe that Mauritius has the competence of crafting a quality rum that holds high the Mauritian savoir-faire. We are particularly proud today to introduce the Penny Blue Pure Cane, with which we have been able to pick up the challenge.”

The Penny Blue Pure Cane is readily available at Rs. 670 (maximum retail price) a bottle in most supermarkets, duty-free shops, bars and some restaurants of the island.

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