Medine’s Garden Center: Paradise of endemic and exotic plants

Medine’s Garden Center is home to more than 4,000 endemic plants from 35 varieties and more than 36,000 exotic plants from around 100 varieties. Open to the public, the nursery hosts different categories of plans: trees, palm trees, shrubs but also compost.

More than one hundred endemic plants such as ‘Bois Benjouin’, ‘Bois Macaque’, ‘Bois Colophane Battard’, ‘Dombeya’, ‘Palmier Bouteille’, ‘Bois Bœuf’, ‘Bois d'Olive’, among other varieties, are cultivated and sold. Medine’s Garden Center and nursery plays an important role in the conservation and propagation of endemics plants which are vital to the ecosystem and an essential component of the cultural identity of Mauritius.

Since January 2021, the garden center has changed its address and is now located at the Nursery Production Site of Medine found in Bambous. The garden center is famous among landscapers and garden professionals who go there for their supplies every day. The nursery is also a point of sale for individuals who wish to flower and embellish their gardens as the nursery sells a variety of green and flowering plants, suitable for both indoor and outdoor. The most popular are palm kernels, ‘multipliants’, Bauhinia, Sainte-Marie, agaves or even Bougainvillea of ​​all colors.

The nursery employees are dedicated in their meticulous job to maintain daily the collection of 40,000 plants in the green and colorful alleys of the garden center.

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