New initiative of the Medine Volunteers led by the Fondation Medine Horizons. It was at the Albion Government School that some thirty employees of the Medine Group spent an afternoon to help the pupils of the school on Friday, 30 May. The objective? Give a boost to this local government school to motivate both the pupils and teachers

On the agenda of this new initiative, there was the creation of a new shaded play area for the children, a week prior to the initiative, the Medine Landscaping teams cleaned up the bushes that occupied this whole area. Furthermore, they brought heavy-duty trucks to level this portion of land that has also be cleaned for this occasion, with the help of the BRDC. Thus, a brand new space was created in the schoolyard, which the Medine Volunteers set out to develop by planting a dozen of banana trees, which will be redistributed to the children upon each harvest. The volunteers also reorganized vegetable garden, planted grass as well as two beautiful trees that will provide a shaded area for the children during the summer season.

While some of the volunteers worked in the school’s outdoor courtyard, two other teams were assigned to reorganize the school library and to draw children’s games on the floor of the inner courtyard of the primary school. Hardly accessible to children because of the tables and books that were stored in the room, the library had been cleared for this occasion of all its unnecessary materials, by the teachers of the school. The Medine Volunteers were able to install bookshelves and books offered by the Medine Group. Marbles and footballs were offered to decorate the schoolyard to the delight of children. Lastly, the Medine Group donated a brand new photocopier and refrigerator to the school.

Céline Guillot-Sestier, Head of Group Communications and CSR pointed out that: “In line with the pillars of Medine Group’s priority areas of intervention: education, housing and the environment, the Fondation Medine Horizons calls on all the Group’s teams almost every month to participate in initiatives for the benefit of the inhabitants of the region . This is a rendez-vous for which, all show a lot of enthusiasm and involvement and we are once again very proud to see how, this time again, the Medine Volunteers have not measured their efforts to bring this project from the school of Albion.”

While the Medine Volunteers were busy at school, the 111 children and teachers were invited by Uniciti in the early morning to a presentation of the smart city from the SPARC sports center, followed by a full day of relaxation at Casela World of Adventures.

The schoolmaster, Mr. Ah-Knee stressed that: “The children were amazed to discover the school in a new light. Since this initiative, they show a great excitement to come to school and with the teaching staff, we feel that there is a real sense of belonging and pride for their school that has developed. The bookstore has also changed our lives, especially for teachers who now have a new space to use for children’s development.”

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