April 20, 2020

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Medine rewards its best sportspersons for 2018

The Medine Group held a special event to celebrate the great performance and achievements of its employees who excelled in the field of sport throughout the year. They were over a hundred athletes to have upheld the colours of Medine throughout the various competitions organised by the “Fédération Mauricienne des Sports Corporatifs” (FMSC) and other tournaments. This gathering was the ideal setting for the top management to reward the sportsmen and sportswomen of the Group and furthermore, thank them for their relentless commitment.

For the occasion, Thierry Sauzier, CEO of Medine Group and Marc Desmarais, Group Head of HR, welcomed all the athletes, including more than seventy medallists, at the Pierrefonds Clubhouse for the first “Sports Ceremony 2018”, in the presence of the Managing Directors of various clusters of the Group who came to support and congratulate their respective teams.

This event, which is set to become an annual rendez vous, aims at celebrating all the sportsmen and sportswomen who have worn the colours of Medine, as well as to promote the hard work and commitment of these employees during the various competitions. The Medine Group is indeed very proud of its athletes for winning ten competitions this year alone! To mark the occasion, all participants received a token of thankfulness whereas all medal-bearers got a gift-card to spend in a famous sports shop. Two athletes were further recognized for their dedication in the field of sports for the Group. Diancess Larose from Tamarina Golf & Spa Boutique Hotel and Curtis Calembé from the Agriculture cluster received a one-year membership at SPARC, the sports centre of Uniciti.

During his speech, the CEO Thierry Sauzier expressed his appreciation towards all guests: “You have been true ambassadors for the Medine Group and the impressive number of medals and trophies won this year gives an idea of the highly gifted persons that make up the team.” He also thanked the Group’s Sports & Welfare Department who spared nothing to promote sports as well as giving the necessary support for training during all competitions.

Voted “Most Committed Sportsman of the Year”, Curtis Calembé, a key player in the agricultural sector and emblematic figure of local football (former Fire Brigade and having been part of the National Football team several time), shared that: “It’s an honour to be recognised for the effort we all make to keep sports culture alive in Medine. I am very happy that my contribution on the local football scene is underlined and I am going to take full advantage of the SPARC’s training facilities to improve my skills further.”

Below are some highlights of the night in images: