Several scholarships have been offered by the Medine Group to the children of its employees on June 1st during a ceremony hosted by Thierry Sauzier, Group CEO. This event, held at Student Life Restaurant, at the heart of Uniciti, brought together a total of 24 beneficiaries and their families.

« We encourage you to give the best in your studies because we remain convinced that Education is the passport to the future and will allow you to become independent. It is important to always keep this motivation high and we hope that many of you will have the opportunity to join our institutions within the Uniciti Education Hub. » stipulated Thierry Sauzier. He also stressed upon the efforts that the parents are putting so that their children succeed, acknowledging that the latter would have probably not made it if they were not enjoying their parents’ support.

Thierry Sauzier believes that the scholarships are an encouragement for the parents also .« We want to congratulate you today for your commitment to your children’s education because even the best students will struggle to succeed in their studies and become an accomplished citizen without a family that gives them the support they need. The results of your children show your interest in their academic success and underline the good supervision offered and for that, you have a lot of merit », he further added.

Mr. Ramoo, an employee of Medine Distillery for 25 years now considers himself lucky. He has two wonderful girls who are brilliant in their studies too. Siddheshwari is presently in Form V and has benefitted from the scholarship since she began her secondary studies. Her younger sister Yaachna is in Form 1 and also shows much interest in her studies and obtained her first scholarship this year.

« These scholarships are a great help each year to pay for all the materials related to the schooling of our children. It is also an additional motivation for them because they know that the level must be maintained every year to be rewarded. With the new tertiary scholarship, they can now dream of pursuing higher studies and will spare nothing to be eligible, especially Siddheshwari who is in Form V! » said Mr. Ramoo

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