The new gourmet vinegar produced by Medine Distillery makes it to the “Made in Moris” quality circle, hence bringing value to a product that perpetuates the use of an age-old recipe. This 100% locally made vinegar is singled out by the use of sugar cane, mainly cane syrup known as fangourin. This latter ingredient sets this condiment apart both locally and in the world since cane syrup has rarely been put to contribution in the process of making vinegar.

This endorsement underlines the fact that this cane vinegar is the product of the several teams of Medine Distillery who tabled on internal expertise as well as a study of this age-old methodology. Jean-François Kœnig, General Manager of Medine Distillery, explains: “This project took two years to come to fruition since we needed time to finalise and iron out a process that has never been applied in Mauritius before. A storage area has specially been cleared as well as a cane crusher unit installed and it is worth underlying that the cane vinegar with fangourin is only produced during crop season, from freshly cut sugar cane that are the juiciest. Ten tons of sugar cane have been required for this first production of 5,000 bottles.”

Through the “Made in Moris” brand, the cane vinegar with fangourin joins forces with other locally made products, that equally beneficiate from a real savoir-faire. Marketing wise this is a great add-on as it assures customers about the quality and provenance of all products.

Available in 250 ml bottles at Rs. 210 (RRP), the cane vinegar with fangourin is available island wide, in deli shops and duty free outlets as well as in the souvenir shop of Casela World of Adventures.


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