Medine Distillery has just launched a new vinegar made from pure sugar cane juice, also known as fangourin, using a traditional method that adopts a slow and natural manufacturing technique without the addition of ferments. The official launch of this unique new product in Mauritius was held on Thursday, June 7th, at le Dix-Neuf Restaurant at Tamarina Golf Club, in the presence of local and international chefs as well as cooking enthusiasts.

With a subtle balance between sweetness and acidity, the cane vinegar of Medine Distillery is a culinary premier. Using local products and a know-how that has been adapted from an old manufacturing technique, this new 100% local vinegar is set apart locally and internationally as it uses ingredients that have rarely been assembled together. The delicate fermentation in oak casks is what gives the product its sweet and woody notes.

« The Medine Distillery team is particularly proud of this product. This is a real gem that we have carefully developed using a traditional technique, completely new in Mauritius. This cane vinegar, which will soon be certified « Made in Moris », will delight an audience looking for new flavours » indicates Jean-François Kœnig, General Manager of the Medine Distillery Ltd.

The cane vinegar will be available in 250-ml units, as from July, in the island’s delicatessen shops, duty-free shops and the Casela World of Adventures souvenir shop.

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