April 21, 2020

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The Agriculture Cluster gets going again!

Above a hundred team members of Medine’s Agriculture department were ready to get to the starting blocks once their Work Access Permit had duly been obtained from Government, as prescribed in the present COVID-19 context. By end of last week, they resumed their functions to get the Agriculture department going again.

To mark the resumption of activities, tractor drivers had decorated their vehicles with the national flag, field and packhouse staff were soon on busy-bee mode to restore the smooth running of the fruit and vegetables production chain so as to ensure fresh foodstuff supplies to the population.

Towards the resumption of activities, the week prior to that, a team had already been despatched to the cold store to take stock of produce that were still good for consumption. Thereafter, more than a ton of edible fruits and veggies were packed to be offered to four of the region’s NGOs and to Bambous Police Station who would ensure their redistribution to vulnerable families of the West.

Didier Charoux, Head of Agriculture, who was on site every day to ensure the smooth running of logistics, also did his fair share of packing to stand by the team. He did not miss to praise all for their noteworthy efforts in contributing to this special operation.