On the occasion of the Independence Day celebrations, the Medine Group gathered its troops on Friday March 15th, 2019, for a tree-planting operation in Beaux Songes village – the objective being to plant some forty trees on that day. Medine Group’s corporate initiative bears a two-pronged finality: participate in world efforts to protect the Earth against global warming; create a landscaped space that will enhance the appeal of the place not only for Beaux Songes inhabitants, but also offer a beautiful vista to the numerous vehicle drivers using the busy roadway that runs through the village.

For this environmentally friendly initiative, led by Fondation Medine Horizons and organised in collaboration with the Landscaping Department of the Agriculture cluster, Medine Volunteers once again responded enthusiastically to the call. For this event, some sixty employees from all Medine Group business units, wholeheartedly put up with the outdoor heat to take up energetic digging, planting and the establishment of a rock garden in the earmarked area – as per the layout plans elaborated by the Landscaping Department. Among the planted trees, some noteworthy species such as the Malagasy Almond Tree, flowering Thevetia, Dracaena reflexa – commonly called Bois de Chandelle and the Cyphostemma mappia, an endemic essence commonly known as Bois Mapou and often described as “The Mauritian Baobab”.

Thierry Sauzier, CEO of Medine Group, who came through to give a helping hand, stated that: « As we are now facing a state of ecological urgency, each action counts. On the occasion of the 51st Independence Day celebrations, together with the employees of the Group, we wanted to engage in an environmental activity that would benefit the country. Through this initiative that we intend to renew, we contributed to the fight against global warming, as well as to improve the landscape of Beaux Songes for its inhabitants. »

Terre des possibles

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