On Friday 29th November, the premises of Fondation Medine Horizons, located near Medine’s football pitch in Bambous, were immersed in a thrilling ambience. Within the context of school holidays, 70 children residing at Avenue Folles Herbes were invited to take part in a playful afternoon animated by some twenty Medine Volunteers – a team composed of Medine Group employees and students of Uniciti Education Hub. The entertainment programme included: 5-a-side football matches, athletics, fun games, creative workshop – among other entertaining activities. After the children had spent themselves enthusiastically in various activities, came a rewarding and joyful refreshments and snacks time, shared by Medine Volunteers, accompanying parties and some parents.

A total of 70 children, aged between 5 and 11 years, residing at Avenue Folles Herbes took part in the Fun Day organised by Fondation Medine Horizons (FMH), at their premises, on Friday 29th November afternoon, within the context of school holiday activities. After a warming up to the sound of pop music, the tone was set for moments of fun-filled togetherness.The entertainment programme comprised about ten recreative, creative and sports activities, led by Medine Volunteers team.

5-a-side football matches, cross-country, relay races, dodgeball, hula hoop, musical chair, creative workshop – among other activities, were rotated according to different age groups. The kids responded enthusiastically and wholeheartedly tried themselves at as many activities as they could. While one age group was busy creating Christmas cards for their parents, another was mastering the tricks of dribbling on the football pitch, under the knowledgeable coaching of Curtis Calembe and Johan Cundasamy, both ex players of the national football team.

Elsewhere, kids with an athletic disposition were competing in relay races under the leadership of another duo : Stéphanie Guillaume, nominated as best athlete in athletics of the FMSC competition held in November and Jean-Will Smith, who completed, last September, the 171-km Mont-Blanc Ultra Trail.

Céline Guillot-Sestier, Head of Group Communications and CSR of Medine Group commented : « All Medine Volunteers were fully invested in offering these children an actively relaxing, playful afternoon whereby they would experiment the values of sharing and mutual support. Reconciling pleasurable and practical objectives, we also had the pleasure of welcoming here today one of the sports coaches of the region to identify potential young talents. »

To round up this fun day punctuated by bursts of laughter, the children were offered refreshments and snacks. As Medine Volunteers went around to serve them, they gathered feedback from the kids about their favourite moments of the Fun Day.

This event translates Medine Group’s engagement in promoting education and in supporting several initiatives of the region, in this respect, through the activities of Fondation Medine Horizons that are held in various forms for different age groups. Medine Volunteers programme is one of The Group’s such initiatives that has been running since several years now. FMH’s actions and activities are underlaid by Medine Group’s strong belief that: it is through an inclusive and collaborative approach that effective sustainable development can be implemented.

In line with Medine Group’s ACT, GIVE, FUND philosophy, Fondation Medine Horizons regularly calls out to Medine employees to take a part in the activities it organises, as far as possible, on a monthly basis. Through FMH’s activities Medine Volunteers participate in these operations actively, or through donations in money or in kind, for the benefit of the region’s or the country’s vulnerable communities.


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