A heart-warming gathering was held at the new premises of Fondation Medine Horizons (FMH), on 29 August 2019 within the framework of the ‘GIVE’ project – an initiative of the FMH. During this event, around 75 bags filled with clothing and food items were offered to 15 families from Avenue Follesherbes and Cité La Ferme, living in precarious economic situations. The donation – held in the joint presence of Céline Guillot-Sestier, Head of Group Communications & CSR of Medine Group as well as Guianella ‘Greta’ Marie-Louise and Jonathan Arsène, Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator of Fondation Medine Horizons – was followed by snacks & refreshments.

On 29 August, Fondation Medine Horizons welcomed, on the terrace of its new premises, the representatives of fifteen families residing at Avenue Follesherbes and Cité La Ferme. Mums and dads of these families had been convened to a donation of clothing and food items collected for them by the FMH. These fifteen families of the region count a total of 83 persons, among which 56 children.

Clothing items for both genders, in adult and kids sizes, amounting to more than 500 second-hand and new pieces of T-shirts, trousers, dresses etc. had been generously offered by employees of Medine Group. Prior to the distribution, the FMH team, with the support of Marie Lourdes Amic, social worker at Caritas who heads the region of Bambous, had sorted out everything and grouped the clothes according to each family’s needs in about 50 reusable textile bags. In addition, Medine Group topped this up with a donation of grocery bags filled with cooking oil, sugar, milk, cheese, pasta, rice, dried pulses, canned foodstuff, flour and other basic items.

Present at this event, Céline Guillot-Sestier, Head of Group Communications and CSR of Medine Group, put forward that: « Fondation Medine Horizons is particularly pleased to host these families today as, besides the joy of handing to them the generous donations offered by Medine Volunteers and Medine Group, it is also an opportunity to introduce them to the foundation’s new premises, inaugurated last February. One of the objectives of establishing FMH in its own quarters was in fact to be able to welcome here members of the local community and, in so doing, to develop a closer relationship with them. »

Marilyn Larose, aged 35 and mother of 5 children, who was one of the recipients of FMH’s GIVE project declares : « When Medine’s team visited me at home, I shared with them our need for clothes to dress the kids and for some groceries to be able to provide them with a proper meal. The Foundation’s team were very receptive to my situation and here am I – it’s such a relief for me! I’m thankful to them. I’m also pleased that today’s gathering is offering me an opportunity to meet other people. »

This donation is the third of its kind under the framework of Fondation Medine Horizons’ GIVE project, since the launch of this project in February 2019. The objective of the project GIVE is to promote a circular economy by way of collecting and redistributing donations received from partners and Medine’s employees. To facilitate collection, boxes are placed across the Group’s various departments, at the companies operating in Uniciti Office Park and in the institutions of Uniciti Education Hub. Donations can take the form of clothes, accessories, furniture items, utensils and other objects – either new or used items in good shape, that people are willing to give away to persons living in economic precarity in Medine’s catchment area. The team of Fondation Medine Horizons then redistributes these donations to persons whom they have identified as being genuine needy cases.

It is worth mentioning that Medine’s example has triggered a positive ripple effect among the public at large as FMH has noted that, over and above the kilos of clothes received from Medine’s employees in just a few months, numerous citizens have started bringing their own contributions to Fondation Medine Horizons’ premises in Bambous.

This is the outpouring generosity that FMH wishes to entertain – either through the GIVE project or through other similar initiatives that will call out to the sense of solidarity of the country’s citizens, in line with Medine’s Group ACT, GIVE, FUND philosophy. The goal behind is to support and to bring some relief to the most vulnerable members of society in the western region. Such initiatives can also be effectively implemented through the joint human, material and financial collaboration of both public and private sectors as well as that of the citizens of Mauritius at large.


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