April 20, 2021

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  • Dhiren Ponnusamy gives his insights on the Real Estate sector in Mauritius.

Dhiren Ponnusamy gives his insights on the Real Estate sector in Mauritius.

Dhiren Ponnusamy, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Medine, was invited earlier this month to give his insights on the Real Estate sector in Mauritius, during a debate organised by the online platform Citoyens.news.

Innovation opportunities; current and future challenges of the Real Estate sector; comprehensive economic data to better understand the evolution of this industry over the past 2 decades; Medine’s contribution in this sector since the early 2000s, as well as responsible and sustainable development, which is at the core of Medine’s approach to the development of its smart city, Uniciti; are just a few of the many topics that were discussed by the guests during this constructive exchange.

Speaking of the Group, Dhiren Ponnusamy referred to the Medine Master Plan published in 2005, which set the tone for a harmonised and coherent development of the group’s land bank, strategically located on the west coast of the island. Although drawn up 20 years ago and before the advent of smart cities, this Master Plan already set out the construction of a city in the west advocating responsible and sustainable development practices. Medine has invested in the eco-system of its smart city, Uniciti, with world class infrastructure and offerings such as Uniciti Education hub’s campus and schools, SPARC sports and medical center, Uniciti Office Park and Cascavelle shopping village. In addition, residents of the West can benefit from Medine’s unique leisure offerings such as Casela Nature Parks, Yemen Nature Reserve as well as Tamarina Hotel and its golf course. Medine, according to Dhiren Ponnusamy, has also positioned Education as a cornerstone of its development, through the creation of an international and integrated Education Hub for locals and foreigners with an educational offer stretching from nursery, Higher Education to Executive Education. This has been further complemented by the construction of an additional phase of Student Residences in 2021.

The Medine Master Plan is dynamic and has evolved over the years to reflect shifts in technology, global urbanisation and consumer patterns as well as the local economy”, says Medine’s COO, who pointed out that: “The only constant in life is change and I relentlessly encourage our employees at Medine to embrace change”.

To view the full debate click on: https://fb.watch/4HKVhsWAxa/