After the complete redesign of its foodcourt, Cascavelle Shopping Village is now developing its leisure side with the opening of “Wonder Bowl”, Mauritius’ largest bowling alley. Located upstairs, in the new wing of Cascavelle Shopping Village and with no less than ten alleys, Wonder Bowl offers a complete new décor on the West Coast with a mixed concept of industrial and vintage chic style, where the existing framework is enhanced and the lacquered tracks are made from recycled wood.

To have some fun while you wait for some alleys to free-up, there’s a play area that also offers pinball machines and pool tables.

A bowling alley with state-of-the-art technology, vintage Arty decor, pool tables and pinball machines, Wonder Bowl has it all, and yet it does not stop there! Chocolates, brownies, cheesecakes, tarts or cookies, all are homemade and pizzas, popcorn and ice roll (ice cream rolls) are already the bestsellers! For the beer lovers, Wonder Bowl got you covered with a selection of draft beers as well as, a non-alcoholic beverages menu.


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