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Founded in 1911 as The Medine Estates Company and rebranded Medine Limited in 2009, the company's history is inherently linked to the one of Mauritius. As a major player in the sugar and cane industry of the island for more than a century, Medine Group has known how to get away from a monocrop agriculture, specially based on sugar cane, to be a diversified group with four pillars of activity, namely Agriculture, Education, Leisure and Property. Medine, as a pioneer in the cane industry, is willing to be a trendsetter in each of its sectors of activity.

Investor relations

Medine is an asset land base company, whose strategy is to optimize its land resources and unlock its value through an integrated and sustainable development. This strategy is paying off as its saleable land value has increased significantly since the start of the implementation of the Master Plan in 2005. The property and asset investment decision will increase the indebtedness of the Group in the short term, but will also create assets that will sustain recurrent revenue in the medium and long term.

Latest news

La Fondation Medine Horizons, avec le soutien du département Agrinnovation de Medine, a réuni des familles de Bambous, bénéficiaires des ONG Quartier de Lumière, École Familiale de l’Ouest et Centre d’Amitié, pour les initier à la culture de légumes à domicile et leur offrir, à cette occasion, environ 200 jeunes ...

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The unprecedented challenging times we have been confronted has given rise to notable solidarity-based actions from fellow citizens; Jonathan Arsène, CSR Assistant at Fondation Medine Horizons since 2018, is one of these volunteering spirits. In addition to his ongoing coordination and collaboration responsibilities with the NGOs of the foundation’s service ...

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Jardins de Medine, the flagship brand of Medine’s Agriculture department, are working at full throttle! Since the start of national confinement resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, the department’s teams – although in reduced numbers, have kept active in the fields to sustain the production of fruits and vegetables and their ...

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