Our Story

Founded in 1911, Medine Group has been supporting the economic development of Mauritius for decades. 


  • « Latanier bleu » seeds offered symbolically to our employees !

    Because the Medine Group is convinced that the future of Mauritius is based on its nation, because education, the preservation of our heritage but also the environment are values that are dear to our country, the group, as part of the independence celebrations, has offered to its employees « Latanier bleu » seeds, an endemic plant of our island, which similarly, has adapted, grow and flourish, but also requires to be protected and preserved.

  • The Medine Group wishes a Happy 50th Independence Day to all Mauritians !

    On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the country, the Medine Group is highlighting the colours of the national flag across its flagship sites showcasing its core activities.

  • Uniciti Education Hub celebrates the 50th Independence Anniversary of Mauritius

    On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the country's independence, Uniciti Education Hub held a national flag-raising ceremony on Friday, March 9th at SPARC, chaired by Thierry Sauzier, CEO of Medine, in the presence of the Minister of Education, Mrs. Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun.