Medine - 100 years

Born in 1911 as a sugar estate, Medine Limited has recently transitioned into a three-clustered company, diversifying into Property development and Leisure, and modernising its agricultural activities.

In 2005, the profoundly changing economic context, namely with the slashing of EU sugar prices, led to a rethinking of Medine’s strategy and operations. This resulted in publication of the Medine Masterplan 2005-2025 for the sustainable and integrated development of its unique land bank of 3,000 hectares on the west coast of Mauritius.

Capitalising on the prime geographic location of its land assets, Medine has placed property development at the heart of its vision for a sustainable Mauritius.

Medine Limited is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius with a market capitalisation of MUR 10 billion (Euro 244 million) and stands among the top 75 Mauritian companies, and as the most important economic actor of the western region of the island.